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General Questions 
  • Do I have to replace aluminum eaves if there is overflowing , leaking and sagging?
  • What do you use to reinforce detached Eavestroughs ?
  • Can a broken corner be repaired?
  • What Leafguard system do you recommend for pine needles?
  • How often should the Eavestroughs be cleaned?
  • What causes ice dams? How can ice dams be prevented
  • Can leaky corners be sealed to last a long time?

Specific Eavestrough Problems That Need Repair:

Q: I have a wet basement, what is contributing to this?
A: The most common cause of wet nasements are downpipes that are clogged or placed to close to the foundation of the house.If  Downpipes that run into weeping tile,this can increase the chances of water entering the basement.  When they are removed from the ground, they should be extended by a minimum of four feet from the house and foundation.

Q: I have ice damming problems, what is causing this?
A: This may be resulting from: poor attic insulation and ventilation, melting and freezing of water on the roof, lack of roofing membrane, poor sunlight exposure,a low pitched roof with heavy snow collection.

Q: I have dangerous ice patches on my patio, what can I do?
A: Leaking eavestrough can create dangerous ice patches in the winter and contribute to deteriorating brick and concrete in the summer. You should have an Eavestrough specialist come and seal the leak

Q If my home is more than 20 years old do I have to replace my fascia ?
A. No, fascia if aluminum can be repaired. It has been constructed purposely to last many, many years. Our experts at Complete Eavestroughing, can repair any parts that are aluminum. We will  do an inspection and advise you on the most cost effective solution,With us Replacement is an Option.

Q. Does my home need new fascia boards?
A. Replacement of fascia is needed  if there’s rot due to improper  gutter installation, and lack of maintennace by keeping them regularly cleaned and inspected at least twice a year spring and fall.

Q. How long will my soffit and fascia last?
A. Our high quality soffit and fascia are made from pre-finished aluminum and this material is very durable. In addition, our soffit and fascia are designed to last and add value to your home for many, many years.

Q. Do I need to clean my soffits and fascia?
A. Most residential areas normal rainfall is sufficient to keep the soffits and fascia surfaces clean but to keep them looking good you may want to  have them washed once a year (optional).

Q What happens if I have a problem with my soffit and fascia?
A. If you have a problem please contact our customer service by phone @ 416-239-4033 or electronically to sales@completeeaves.ca
 The customer service department will then determine what caused the problem and then come up with a solution to the problem.

Q: My eavestrough is separating from my roof, why?
A:The correct method of securing eavestroughs to the roof line is to use brackets and 2 inch screws.If they have not been installed correctly they will separate Loose nails in the Eavestrough can lead to a complete separation of the trough system from the roof. This can lead to damaged Eavestrough, soffit and fascia.This will eventually cause damage to the structure of your home and foundation.

PLEASE NOTE: IF THIS IS AN URGENT SITUATION . Call our service department @ 416-239-4033 or e-mail us mailto:sales@completeeaves.ca